Sanctuary Choir

Wednesday:  6:30-7:15pm Rehearsal  (Jan-June; Sept-Dec)
Sunday: 10:30 am Warm-up, 11:00am Service

Director:   Mrs. Sheila Fairless
Accompanist:  Mrs. Barbara Young

Our Sanctuary Choir  providies support for congregational singing in morning worship as well as special music.  The group also presents an annual Christmas program and enjoys summers off from rehearsals while participating in Choir For All.  Any age adult can be a part of Sanctuary Choir.  We enjoy sharing the gift of music and great fellowship within the group and no music reading skills are required.  


Voices Afire

2nd & 4th Wed: 6:00-6:30 pm Rehearsal (Jan-June; Sept-Dec)
Sunday: 10:30 am Warm-up, 11:00am Service as Scheduled

Director:  Mrs. Sheila Fairless  
Accompanist:  Mrs. Barbara Young      

Voices Afire sings various styles of music in morning worship  as well as participating in special events throughout the year. 
Youth and Adults are welcome to participate in this group.

Praise Team

Wednesday:  7:15-8pm Rehearsal 
Sunday: 9:15 am Warm-up, 11:00am Service

This group of vocalists and instrumentals provides music leadership in worship services.  For more info contact Sheila Fairless


1st & 3rd Wed: 6:00-6:30 pm Rehearsal (Jan-June; Sept-Dec)

Director:  Grace Brodbeck

SHINE , our ladies ensemble adopted the name SHINE - Serving Him In Everything.  The group enjoys their time together in rehearsals and the opportunity to lift their voices in worship and praise as they provide special music in worship services and for special events.  If you have an interest in being a part of the ensemble, please contact Grace Brodeck or Sheila Fairless. 

Men's Ensemble

As Needed

Director:  Mr. Tim Wood Accompanist:  Grace Brodbeck

Choir for All

Sundays: 10:30-10:40 am Rehearsal and 11am Worhsip (July - August)

Choir For All, now a long standing tradition, provides support for Sunday morning worship during the summer months.  Anyone of any age is invited to join us on Sunday Mornings(s) at 10:30am to rehearse and then sing in morning worship.

Student Music 

Sunday, 9:30am 
Opening the Children's Bible Study hour

Wednesday, 6:15 pm
Opening the Children's 252 Hour

The children participate in Children's Musical Productions, joint music productions for all ages, and in Vacation Bible School music productions.

They are led by Pastor Lynn Williams, with the assistance of Sheila Fairless and Kayla Silcox for VBS and other special porgrams.

Please feel free to contact Sheila Fairless for
more information about part of our Music Ministry.


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