We worship which is the unique privilege of the church. God is praised in all we do.

We grow in faith which happens as we study the Bible, pray, and serve together.

We strengthen relationships among friends, within families, across generations.

We tell the good news about Jesus and his love--it is changing our lives!

We share God's love in practical ways--in our community and our world (literally.)


Hopefully you will come and get to know us;  We want to know you and show you all that God's love means to us, as we follow Jesus and live God's love together!



“First” reminds us that the first and most important thing about our identity is our faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Romans 10:13 says that, “Whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.” We believe that the basis for church membership is a personal profession of faith in Christ. That’s the first thing that is required of every member of First Baptist Church!

“Baptist” means that we hold to many of the historic teachings of the Baptist denomination, which is a part of the wider fellowship of the Christian church throughout the world. While baptism by immersion is certainly a distinctive part of who we are, we also believe in the authority of the Bible as God’s word to us, the right and responsibility of each person to respond freely to God, the power of each local church to follow the leadership of Christ as it sees fit, and the principle of free exercise of religion in a free state.

"Church” means that we do the things that we believe the Bible teaches all churches should do: we worship, we serve, we learn, we witness, and we grow in relationship to one another and to God. That’s what church is all about!

How can I become a member of First Baptist Church? 

We receive members in four ways:
Profession of faith in Christ and believer’s baptism
Transfer of membership from another Baptist church
Statement of faith (baptized in another denomination)
Watchcare membership—for a short term. Full membership remains at your home church.

You can speak to one of the pastors any time you want to join the church; you will be asked to fill out a short membership form and will then be presented as a candidate for membership in a public worship service. 


Am I required to give a certain amount of money?

We believe that the Bible teaches us to give primarily as a way of thanking God for the blessings we receive in our lives, and as an expression of our worship.

The practice of giving a “tithe”—or 10% of our income—is a standard that has been held by God’s people for literally thousands of years.

We do not set any “quotas” for membership when it comes to giving; we believe that each person should do as the New Testament says—“Let each person give as God has blessed him.”


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